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Narrative angles

Narrative angles is the fourth in the series of writing courses from Campus NooA.

If you are not so concerned with detailed criticism, and you are looking for a writing course where the joy of writing and inspiration are at the core, then our narrative angles course is the natural choice.

Learning resources: All resources are online and included in the tuition fees.

Target group: The course is developed for people who want to improve their language and writing skills.

Prerequisites: The course builds on Writing course I

Certification : Your assignments and the course will be graded: Completed or More work required. When all required course work is completed, you will automatically receive an online course certificate.

Course description: This course has seven units which you can study at your own pace, when it is convenient for you. You can start whenever you want and then have 180 days to complete the course.

Each unit includes some theory, opportunities to share reflections with other students and an assignment for submission. Your teacher will give you personal advice and feedback on you submitted submissions.

Along with this course you also have access to NooA's Writers Lounge where you may share your work, comments and questions with peers in our other courses for authors.

The first unit is about story telling, and you will be asked to write your story about an ordinary day or a special celebration in your life.

Unit two introduces the Olympian, authorial or omniscient narrator who knows everything about his characters. Based on this narrative style, you are asked to rewrite your first assignment.

The third unit focusses on the explicit and the implicit narrator, and your assignment will be to write about a close encounter of the third kind.

Unit four elaborates on the explicit and the implicit narrator, and you are asked to tell the story of a released prisoner.

The fifth unit focuses on the inner and outer viewpoints of narrations, and your assignment will be to rewrite your close encounter assignment and present it as an objective narrator.

Unit six is titled: Flowing stream of consciouness and your challenge is to write a story about a visit to a maternity ward.

The final unit elucidates panoramic and scenic narrative styles, and you will use the Hollywood model to tell a story about a character who whatches a cinema burn down.

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