onsdag 19. desember 2012

Mandate for the Advisory Board

Which words would you like to highlite in this preliminary version of: Mandate for Campus NooA's Advisory Board?

NooA's mission is to provide quality online education that creates sustainable value, public awareness and footprints to follow.

The International Advisory Board should therefore consist of members that have special qualifications to pursue the mission and give strategic advice on ideal purposes such as:
  • Which services, subjects, courses and programs NooA could offer to support online learners in general and learners with special needs in particular.
  • Research and development activities that can contribute to the development of NooA, improved online teaching and student support services and general advancement for the benefit for the entire online education sector.
  • How NooA could disseminate research, evaluations and good practice in online education to the benefit of the national and international online education communities.
  • How NooA can use e-learning to support and contribute to social entrepreneurship and humanitarian activities.
  • Any other strategic and ideal purpose that supports NooA’s mission.

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